St Alban North Harrow


Whatever your reason for visiting us online, we are glad to see you. We're a diverse group of people who are trying to follow Jesus and to serve each other, North Harrow, and our world. 

We try hard to welcome and include everyone, and to foster community. We aim to be a space where questions can be asked as well as answers given, where people can express doubt as well as faith, where all can come in joy and in sorrow. 

We don't always get it right, but we do our best. We're looking forwards rather than back and so are constantly a work in progress. Come and pay us a visit sometime, we'd love to see you.


Lent, Holy Week and Easter
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We are currently livestreaming our worship although we hope also to return to the building soon. To join in with this week's worship, please download the Service Sheet and Order of Service

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