St Alban North Harrow

Access for people with disabilities

We want to make everyone feel welcome both in the church and in the activities of the church. 

Every possible effort has been made to meet the requirements of the differently-abled so that they may share in all aspects of church life, and we have plans to improve access to all. We receive ongoing advice and training to help us from the Diocese of London, and you can access more information about what they offer here

For those with physical disabilities

We have four parking places set aside for blue badge holders in our Hall Car park on Norwood Drive. It is also possible to park temporarily on the paved area outside the West door. 

We can recommend Uber Assist  cabs for those who don't have their own car and need a bit of help getting in and out of a car: they too are welcome to use the paved area outside the West door. Uber Assist cabs can also be ordered by friends and relatives for those without smartphones. 

Wheelchair access is possible through the west door at church services. Should the door appear to be closed, please ask someone to open it. If you would like access at other times, please contact Shirley Clements, our parish administrator in the first instance. The Vicar is happy to bring the sacrament to anyone in their seat during Holy Communion, and we also have a movable ramp which enables wheelchair users to access the high altar. For seating within the church the sidespeople will guide you to the best place for a wheelchair. We have a toilet suitable for those with disabilities in the Church Hall, which can be accessed through the link corridor at the back of church. 

If you are entirely housebound and live in our parish then please do enquire about receiving communion at home from one of our visiting team. 

For those with a visual impairment

The following enlarged print materials are available: hymn books, Service Sheets, orders of service and copies of the Monthly Matters news sheet. We aim to follow RNIB clear print guidelines for the rest of our publications. 

For those with a hearing impairment

The church is fitted with an induction-loop system which is in use at all services. Anyone experiencing problems with the loop system or in hearing the service should speak to one of our sidespeople. 

We offer two signed services each month, and if a sign language interpreter is required at another time we will make every effort to provide one. 

For those with learning disabilities

People with learning disabilities already form part of our church family, and we therefore hope you would find a warm welcome if you have a learning disability and would like to join us. If there are other ways in which we could make you feel more able to access our services please don't hesitate to let us know. 

Access to off-site church activities

Some church activities or meetings are held in other venues, including private homes. Those with disabilities are welcome on such occasions but we cannot guarantee that all private homes, including the vicarage, will have the necessary facilities. Most such activities are advertised in advance, usually with a contact number or email address. Please do get in touch in advance to confirm that the facilities you need are available. 


If anyone has any suggestions for improving our existing facilities for those with disabilities then please contact the Vicar or Churchwardens