St Alban North Harrow

  Community Outreach & Engagement

   It's important to us to be working with the whole community, including young people of all faiths 
      and no faith;  and including young people who may not neatly fit in with people's expectations. 
   It's also important for us to be listening to residents, business owners, and others who may have
   experience of young people's issues - and suggestions on how to respond and make a difference.

     We have been partnering with the Ignite Trust, Harrow for several years to support delivery of
youth club, sports sessions, and mentoring in Wealdstone;  and we are hoping
    to be able to
 support sessions in Rayners Lane as well.  These are areas of significant disadvantage
     which have made national headlines again t
his year due to the number of knife attacks either by
     -or on- young people.  
Many young people are caught up in cycles of anti-social behaviour [ASB],
    which may be connected to 
gang affiliation or activity, or may just be the result of young people
     being bored and/or not having anything constructive to do..

                                                   group of young people hanging out

 We continue to be part of a community response that sees consistent outreach, mentoring, mediation
 and socio-economic support offered, along with consistent role models and informed prayer.

                                   This year we want to be out in the community even more !  

    So, in addition to our community-based Passport Youth Club, we are developing

     * doorknocking  to meet and listen to our neighbours
          - in partnership with Harrow Citizens
     * 'StreetWise' detached and outreach work^ with young people at risk of ASB
          - based on identified 'hotspots' and busy areas in North Harrow - in partnership with Ignite Trust
     *  our schools work  (yr 6 primary, and secondary)
          - in partnership with Re:Gen and  the RISE youth worker network.
          - to date the main focus has been assemblies and group work support around transition
    * 'DoorStep' community events for local young people, young adults, and young families 
          - building on the success of our June Fair that saw such great community interaction and fun

                    this after-school drop in using the green space off The Ridgeway has been running from early summer: offering football, softball tennis, badminton, volleyball, and basketball games so far.The outside
   This after-school drop-in is our 1st initiative to use the green space off The Ridgeway:  with football ,
     tennis, badminton, vollleyball and basketball games offered to date.  We will continue running
    the outside games sessions until 16/10, when we will host a community BBQ after the session for
    the families of all who have attended. Then after October half-term we will move into the halls.    

   If anyone has ideas, suggestions, or would like to get involved with any of the above : get in touch !
We are particularly interested in partnership work here in the North Harrow and Pinner area:
    in schools, and also around 'hotspots' where issues connected to young people gathering have
    become concerning to community stakeholders.

  ^detached: in Detached Youth Work, youth workers simply work with young people where they are,
    (streets, parks, car parks, shop fronts..) providing a listening ear, support, and information relevant
     to the young person/ group's context: their situation, needs, aspirations..

  ^outreach: iOutreach Youth Work, youth workers go out from centre seeking to promote services 
and opportunities to young people - and sometimes bring young people back to the centre - or 
    signpost/ accompany young people to other services.

     Such youth work can be particularly effective with those who don't respond so well to/within
     formal environments or enclosed spaces, and may be considered 'hard to reach' or 'at risk'. 
     It can be both 'planned' and 'responsive'.  
The relationship-building stages are key to gaining trust
     and engagement, and so to any consistent,
 effective work.  Please note that whilst Detached/
     Outreach Youth Work can help deter/reduce ASB and criminal behaviour,  the priority would
     always be to promote the safety, well being and development of the young people.