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Intercessory Prayer

Why do we pray during our services?

Preparation and Feedback

Who or what do we pray for?

Things to avoid:

Planning for Normal Parish Communion

Planning for other services:

Other Helpful Resources 


  1. Do use responses for each "section", as it helps the congregation to be part of the prayers:
  2. You can use the framework of standard forms of prayer: you can find these in Common Worship here. You are of course welcome to mix the resources you use, such as:
  3. Keep prayers short and easy to concentrate on. Any prayers you choose/write should be no longer than the average 'collect' length, possibly less, you are after all praying in several sections. 
  4. Use silence and allow people space to pray. Give people time: silence always seems much longer to those who lead it, so time it on your watch. 15-30 seconds of silence is a good length of time. 
  5. Do give your prayers a sense of starting and ending. It's often good to start with a bidding (e.g. from the service book or sheet) and finish with an ending (e.g. and so we commend ourselves, each other and our whole lives to you. Merciful Father...
  6. Finally - do include thanksgiving in your prayers! 

e.g. All Age Service, special service 

If you are asked to do the intercessions for such services do seek guidance over the theme of the service and try to link with that. It maybe that you can draw those of other ages to say some of the prayers that you write to give it the feel of all of the congregation being included in the prayers.

Sometimes prayers in such services will include movement or a level of interactivity to engage the congregation.