St Alban North Harrow

 Mentoring and Coaching Opportunities: 'U-time'

1-2-1 or small group Mentoring is available
for young people who need someone to talk to who may not be part of their everyday life. 
We provide a listening and advice service for young people who can talk about 
anything and everything.   Frequency, times, activities and meeting places are suggested by the young person.   Male and female mentors are available.  

staff and young people chat at ease during fun relaxed 1-2-1 session   mentoring

 Through our membership with London Youth and other networks, we have access to significant employability opportunities for young people - work experience, traineeships, apprenticeships,
job fairs, career advice and jobs.  We have plans in place to cover GCSE and A-level results days
this summer, and this year 'The Link'  furthers our commitment to supporting our
16-21 year-olds.

 1-2-1 or small group Coaching is also available for young people who want to develop
their potential in identified areas or skills, or around issues that may be holding them back.   
It is solution-focused and takes young people through a 4-stage reflective process designed to empower them to identify and put into action choices that will inform change. 

Counselling (
non-therapeutic) is also available for young people on request.
Again this is solution-focused, and (drawing mainly on CBT) aims to provide some encouragement, understanding, and coping skills and tools to enable the young person to move forward in life with.