St Alban North Harrow

  Aims and Ethos

   Come as you are!  We welcome and work with any young people (school years 6-13)
     regardless o
f reputation, status, size, gender, sexuality, racial/cultural/ethnic classification, 

     physical or mental health, ability/disability, or faith background.  Come with friends if you like! 

   We don't:  judge!    We do:  listen carefully, ask questions, and respect your views and choices.

   We seek to work in a way which upholds the dignity and safety of all our young people at all times. 

   We want you to know your unique value and purpose, to gain confidence and skills that 

     will help you negotiate difficulties and flourish in life, and to discover and develop your voice,
     abilities and potential.

   The aim of all our work is to have fun together, build trusting relationships to facilitate:
    *pertinent support where and when it's needed; 
    *engagement, development and learning where it's inspired; 
    *active & healthy lifestyle;
    *connections to amazing life-changing opportunities;
    *healthier relationships with peers, family, church/community, self, and God;
    *young people's empowerment and and leadership.

      Malawi Trip: Summer 2017  Soul Survivor: Summer 2017   Soul Survivor: Summer 2017

   We want all our environments to be safe, peaceful, creative and stimulating spaces where young 
   people feel you are welcome, you belong, and can pursue interests and grow into your potential.

    young people feedback and share learning from Malawi trip emerging from cave system after conquering greatest fear   Young Leaders running tombola to raise funds_June 2018   yp gets to top of the wall her very1st climb - thanks to the coaching of another yp

  We are proud to work with so many amazing young leaders!  We don't believe young people
                          are just 'tomorrow's leaders':  Every day young 
people are not only being influenced..
                              .. but also speaking up, making great decisions, supporting and influencing others!  
e partner with and empower young people to be bold, respectful and discerning influencers  -
   and to help you understand some of the dynamics at work.  
We develop conflict resolution and
   leadership skills, helping to promote and develop positive role models, 
peace makers.. and leaders.  
  Thank you to the Young Harrow Foundation and Jack Petchey Foundation for helping us recognise
  and reward such service and 
leadership, and congratulations to our 1st 3 (of many) young people to
  win J.P.F. awards: 
 Grace Whittaker, Rumaisah Al-Amudy, and Thomas Whittaker !

              Congrats to Grace for her Jack Petchey Achievement Award !   Congrats to Thomas for his Jack Petchey Achievment Award !     Congrats to Rumaisah for her Jack Petchey Achievement Award ! 

   We are big believers in the value of both team and of great partnership. We benefit 

    hugely from a range of local and regional partnerships and memberships, but are always 
    keen to hear how we can work together to meet particular needs for/with our young people.

    We appreciate our close links with:  the Ignite Trust Harrow,  Young Harrow Foundation, 
      RISE Harrow Churches Youth Worker Network, Harrow Youth Minster, and London Youth.

     London Youth Membership   Young Harrow Foundation Memberignite trust harrow works with young people aged 13 to 25 to help them re-engage with education, find employment or move away from anti-social behaviour, gang involvement and exploitative relationships     Harrow Youth Collective is the Diocesan 'Minster' hub for youth work and ministry in Harrow Deanery    RiSE is the Harrow Youth and Children's Work Church Leader network


   "What are you church people doing youth work for?"  

     Good question!  *Churches do youth work:  [1] ..because they believe young people matter
Jesus did not come just for older people - nor did he come for 'religious' people: 
      He came to love, serve and call everyone! He welcomed the young when others sent them away.
      So those following Jesus' example: welcome, help, involve, and reach out to young people, too. 
      We believe in the presence and potential of young people at the heart of community.
    *We are here for all young people in the area - those of Christian faith, other faiths, and no faith.
      In a culture where young people learn our value lies in 
how we look, perform, what we can offer; 
       how quickly we are willing to climb above others, the things we (either) have (or don't have);
       We have a different vision:  of the innate value, d
ignity, and equality of all young people, of people
       mattering more than the things they own, use or wear; and of life being lived out together with
       people from every background - in respect of God, care of creation, and service of others.

    *Churches do youth work:  [2] ..because they believe relationship with God matters.  

      According to John 10:10, Jesus said  "I have come to bring you life - life in all its fullness!"
       In context, this is contrasted with what is 'stolen away, killed and destroyed'. 
       We love diversity, and respect people's choice on how they want to live their life, but we
       also recognise Harrow young people's concern with the current high levels of gang-related
       violence, bullying, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and mental ill-health.  With this in mind..
       *We are committed to see young people grow robust, helpful, successful lives-to-the-full.
       - knowing who we are   - knowing our purpose and calling in life   - knowing our value
       - knowing about the offer of God's peace and love  - 'life to the full' - and what this means in the
         service of others    - able to care for self and seek support when we need it   
       - able to care for and support others..