St Alban North Harrow

  Aims and Ethos

    We welcome and work with any young people (school years 6-13) who have questions, want to
    connect or access any of our services: regardless of reputation, size, gender, sexuality, racial/
    cultural/ethnic classification, physical or mental health, ability/disability, or faith background.

   We seek to work in a way which upholds the dignity, value and safety of all our young people.

   The aim of all our work is to have fun together and build trusting relationships to facilitate:
    *pertinent support where and when it's needed; 
    *engagement, development and learning where it's inspired; 
    *active & healthy lifestyle;
    *connections to amazing life-changing opportunities;
    *healthier relationships with peers, family, church/community, self, and God;
    *young people's empowerment and and leadership.

      Malawi Trip: Summer 2017  Soul Survivor: Summer 2017   Soul Survivor: Summer 2017

    We want all our environments to be safe, peaceful, creative and stimulating spaces where young 
   people feel they are welcome, they belong, and can pursue interests and grow into their potential.

      yp share learning from malawi trip_Oct 2017   emerging from cave system after conquering greatest fear   Young Leaders running tombola to raise funds_June 2018   yp gets to top of the wall her very1st climb - thanks to the coaching of another yp

  Young Leaders:   We are very proud to work with so many amazing young leaders! We don't believe 
  young people are just 'tomorrow's leaders': every day young 
people are not only being influenced
  but also influencing others.  
Our hope is we can partner with and empower young people to
 grow securely in their influencing - and to help them understand some of the dynamics atwork.    We develop conflict resolution and leadership skills, helping to promote and develop positive role
peace makers.. and influencers.  
  Thank you to the Jack Petchey Foundation for helping us recognise and reward such service and
  leadership, and congratulations to our 1st 3 (of many) young people to win J.P.F. awards:
  Grace Whittaker, Rumaisah Al-Amudy, and Thomas Whittaker !

  PartnershipWe are big believers in the value of both team and of great partnership. We benefit 
  hugely from a range of local and regional partnerships and memberships already, but are always 
  keen to hear how we can work together to meet particular needs for/with our young people.

    We appreciate our close links with the Ignite Trust Harrow,  Young Harrow Foundation, 
    RISE Harrow Churches Youth Worker Network, Harrow Youth Minster, and London Youth.

                                       London Youth Membership          Young Harrow Foundation Member