Staying occupied over lockdown

Welcome to the virtual world of history, gardens, politics, royalty and much more. There are a number of sites to visit with exciting virtual tours covering trains to planes. We have provided a small selection, but you can search on google for virtual tours in places of interest in the UK or the rest of the world. Have fun!

virtual tour 1

House Beautiful
Lots of ideas in and around the house. Sew your own face mask and other things to do. 
 videos to watch.
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virtual tour 2The National Gallery
Go behind the scenes and watch restoration projects.
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virtual tour 3The National History Museum

12 ways to explore from home:-
Learn about Hope the blue whale
Tune in live Tuesdays 12.00 & Fridays 10.30, to ask questions and hang out with 
Be guided by David Attenborough around Hintze Hallvirtual tour 4
Have a virtual tour of the Museum
See stunning nature photos
See balcony displays in Hintze Hall
Discover which films and TV shows feature the museum
See 3D models
See illustrations from HMS Endeavour
Browse the library and archives
Uncover collection highlights
Zoom in on beetles

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virtual tour 5Parliament
Find out how it works - they use Zoom!

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virtual tour 5The Royal Family
Explore everything Royal!
Including virtual tours of Buckingham Palace.

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virtual tour 7Secret London
A very varied site - under “Wellbeing and Nature”

National Trust explore our gardens – Bluebell wood
The Netherlands – Keukenhof
National Parks
18 Rail journeys

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