St Alban North Harrow

Youth Programme

PASSPORT NORTH HARROW: a Youth Club Drop-in  
Saturdays 5.30-8pm 11-18years (School Years 6 -13)   

Youth Squad- for ages 14-18

Sunday Sessions: Youth Squad meets 2 Sundays a month during the 9.30am service. It is a space in which young people who are comfortable with the idea of faith and those who are new to it can explore what the Christian faith is. These sessions are delivered in a fun, informal and relatable way. Young people from all backgrounds are welcome to attend and participate.

 Youth Hang Out: Youth Squad meets 2 Sunday evenings a month and also once a month during the week. They are designed to be fun, sociable and activity related. They are a safe space for young people from all backgrounds to come and hang out, eat, socialise and take part in various activities such as ice skating, cinema trips, game nights, pizza evenings etc.

 Mentoring: There is 1-2-1 mentoring available for young people who need someone to talk to who may not be apart of their everyday life. It is a listening service for young people who can talk about anything and everything. It is designed to be a consistent relationship that meets regularly over a one year period. Frequency, times and meeting places are decided by the young person. There is both a male and a female mentor available. All mentors are safeguarding trained and also trained in coaching. They are DBS checked and accountable to the safeguarding officer of the church and church wardens.

If you would like more information about these youth provisions please contact the youth leader- Chris Nalder or by mobile 07738688301